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Choosing the appropriate alcohol rehab to begin your life free from alcohol can be a difficult, overwhelming task. Our Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Centers adhere to all of the highest standards in the industry, as well as state regulatory standards. Blueprints for Addiction Recovery’s PA alcohol rehab center is licensed by the PA Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs. We provide the most effective alcohol rehab continuing care program in the country. If you or your loved one are in need of medically monitored alcohol detox services or continuing care services, contact us directly to formulate an effective and individualized treatment plan.

Effective detox programs and PA alcohol rehab programs will create an environment where you, or your loved one, will be made comfortable under medical monitoring by doctors, nurses and therapists. During this time you will engage in structured therapy sessions to identify and manage your personal triggers and stressors. Once detoxed, you will transition through multiple levels of coordinated care. Our PA alcohol rehab program - and our care partners' medically monitored detox programs - help you feel comfortable, safe and secure so you can successfully complete recovery from alcohol addiction.

So What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a gradually escalating process of dependence that occurs over varying periods of time. Drinking alcohol to cope with life becomes commonplace for individuals predisposed to alcoholism. It's a chronic, progressive disease that will, in time, destroy the minds and lives of those in its path.

Additionally, Alcohol Addiction is a significant public health concern. Over 17 million Americans abuse alcohol, and it's estimated that some 70 million more have some experience with alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction in their families. Alcoholism isolates individuals from family, friends and communities, while negatively impacting physiological health.

Withdrawal Symptoms

People dependent on alcohol experience significant distress after prolonged use. As it is progressive, alcoholism increases the number and severity of disturbances in a person's life. Alcoholics often experience relationship issues, financial difficulties, professional problems, a decrease in their immune system's ability to function, as well as physical withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Withdrawal symptoms are the primary indicator that dependence is present. Alcohol withdrawal is intense, painful and in some cases deadly. When you or your loved one are planning to cease alcohol use after developing dependence, inpatient medical detox is the common clinical suggestion.

Physical Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms


Vomiting & Nausea



Increase in pulse


Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)




Mood swings

Cognitive impairment

Long-term alcohol misuse can have more serious, and lasting, effects like brain damage, liver damage or failure, nerve damage, gastrointestinal bleeding, and others. The best option for halting these effects from further damaging your mind and body is to seek professional PA alcohol rehab services.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Exploring treatment options for PA alcohol rehab is a major step in the right direction. Treatment for alcohol dependence almost always begins with alcohol detox. In a medical detox program, qualified staff monitor the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. At this stage, psychological and physical issues can be treated and stabilized.

After detox, it is safest for an individual to remain in one of many licensed Pennsylvania drug rehab centers to decrease the chances of relapse during the initial sobriety period. Alcoholics have to learn to manage complex psychological symptoms - like anxiety and depression - and it’s best not to do this alone, as it can take months for the body and brain to adjust to life without alcohol.

Pennsylvania Rehab Centers offering PA Alcohol Rehab Programs

Blueprints for Addiction Recovery is a holistic addiction treatment facility offering PA alcohol rehab services for individuals and families throughout the region. Contact us for help in taking the next big step toward your new life.