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Fully licensed and nationally accredited, Blueprints for Addiction Recovery offers innovative treatment programs for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction. Our facilities are strategically located in the heart of south-central Pennsylvania, one of the largest addiction recovery communities in the northeast.

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Exceptional Care. Designed for You.

Blueprints for Addiction Recovery's licensed PA drug rehab centers offer exceptional care to individuals and families affected by addiction. Our Counseling & Wellness Centers serve clients from around the United States. Our integrated clinical program was designed to support and treat the complex psychological, physical, spiritual and environmental issues arising from alcoholism and drug addiction.
We believe in working together with clients to achieve total addiction recovery. Our program is uniquely designed to treat the whole person - body, mind and spirit - and we do everything we can to ensure they resume vital places in the lives of their families and communities. We believe in recovery. We've lived it, we've seen it, and we work every day to maintain an environment of enlightenment, education and self-awareness. Our model is simple. It's about truly compassionate care ... without compromise.

Fully Accredited. Nationally Recognized.

Blueprints for Addiction Recovery maintains a full national accreditation through the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval is a demonstration of our commitment to the highest standards in behavioral healthcare quality and patient safety.

Our Programs.

Our PA drug rehab centers combine mindfulness-based cognitive therapies, holistic and experiential programming, family, community and recovery support services - all in a coordinated transitional program - to ensure clients achieve and maintain optimal lifelong wellness.
Addiction is a complex problem, and everybody's story is unique. Lifestyles and schedules change. Circumstances differ. Truly effective PA drug rehab centers offer coordinated solutions to individuals that address these concerns. Our programs were designed to maximize the recovery potential for each individual.


Addiction is a powerful and devastating force. It destroys the lives of everyone it touches, and once it has a hold on you - on your body and mind, on your relationships, your position in your family, community and society - it's beyond difficult to recover... many have called it impossible.

Impossible alone, that is. For individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, the first major step is to contact a licensed professional and seek detoxification. Detoxification programs allow clients to safely transition from active addiction into the first phase of treatment and recovery. You should be seeking licensed, qualified PA drug rehab centers approved to provide medically-monitored detoxification services. Call (717) 361 1660 to speak to a Blueprints Care Coordinator today.

Addiction Rehab

Admission to our PA drug rehab centers begins with a full holistic evaluation spanning psychosocial, environmental and spiritual dimensions. We offer intake assessments and DUI evaluations throughout each week. Our Pennsylvania drug rehab centers offer a comprehensive addiction rehab designed for people in need of focused care, but in a less restrictive and more empowering environment than a traditional inpatient drug rehab or drug & alcohol detox facility.

Intensive Outpatient

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at our PA drug rehab centers utilizes the same integrated philosophy as our rehab program, delivered during multiple weekly structured group and individual therapy sessions. IOPs are programs designed for clients transitioning out of higher levels of care, or who have to maintain certain responsibilities in daily life.

Outpatient Rehab

After stepping down from the Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program, clients may continue sessions at our PA drug rehab centers to meet weekly with their counselors and focus on issues unique to the ongoing recovery experience.

Family Program

Blueprints' PA drug rehab centers utilizes a family-centered approach, encouraging loved ones to engage in the drug addiction and alcoholism treatment process from the very beginning, incorporating family therapy sessions and facilitating community education programs to help families truly heal.

Recovery & Community

Addiction treatment is only the beginning. Our true purpose is to work with clients to achieve lifelong sobriety - to transition into the wider recovering world and take full ownership of their health and wellbeing.

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