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Innovative Addiction Recovery Programs

Welcome to Blueprints. Our Addiction Treatment Facilities Were Built on the belief that long-term recovery is more than possible. We see it happen every day. Our children, neighbors, parents, brothers and sisters are suffering. Our nation is suffering.
Fountain at PA Drug Rehab Centers
PA Drug Rehab Centers
PA Drug Rehab Centers

The Blueprints difference comes down to quality of care. We build and improve recovery programs for the people we serve.

Balanced With Life

Clinical Services in our drug rehab centers are individualized to meet each client’s needs, strengths & obligations.

Innovative programs

The range of unique continuing care programs at our rehabilitation centers were designed to ensure long-term recovery.

Coordinated Care

Care coordination services reduce psycho-social barriers to completing treatment. We work with you to master every obstacle.

Unique Approach

Experience the holistic approach to recovery at all of our drug rehab centers; mind, body, spirit & environment.


@ The Chapters Program


Recovery Meets Real Life


Drug Rehab at the pace of life


Vivitrol & Buprenorphine

Our Treatment Facilities Accept Insurance

We’re committed to accessibility. All of our accredited drug rehab centers accept funding from the top insurance providers in  the nation. Your addiction treatment experience may be covered at up to 100%
Don't See Your Insurance? Find Out if You're Approved